What is it about Coast to Coast Computer Products that sets us apart? In a nutshell, it’s our commitment to quality, unsurpassed personalized customer service, an amazing team, and second chances. But that gets ahead of the traditional “About Us” story, so let’s go back to our beginning in 1985.

Coast to Coast founder and current Board Chairman Rick Roussin began his career helping clients put ink on paper in the 1980s, selling printer ribbons for dot-matrix printers. He was a good producer for his company but regularly bumped heads with sales management. As Rick puts it, “I felt like if I am bringing in profit and the customers are happy, maybe you should not treat me like an hourly employee when I am commission only,” but management didn’t agree and insisted on compliance with the hours of salary type people. As a result, the sales manager fired him three times. Two of the times, he was hired back, and after the third time, he decided to start his own company.

Picture of the person who has answered our phones for over 30 years.

Coast to Coast is Born

The message was clear: if Rick wanted to do things the way he knew was best for the customer and the company, he had to go into business for himself. So, he left his job and started Coast to Coast from his bedroom in Culver City, with only a phone, his passion for great customer service, and quality products to sell.

From the beginning, Rick’s business plan focused on personal service to achieve slow but steady growth, a goal he accomplished in 34 out of the first 37 years of operation. Company growth enabled Rick to move into two offices in Van Nuys, followed by another in North Hills, and finally to its present location in Simi Valley.

Today, Coast to Coast has 230+ employees, almost all in sales and customer service, with many working remotely. This reliance on remote employees is in the company’s DNA, not just a response to COVID lockdowns. Coast to Coast trusts its employees to perform and gives them the tools and training to succeed regardless of where they work.

A Personal Touch in the Digital Age

When you call Coast to Coast, a human answers your call. In fact, the employee answering the main number has been doing it for 30+ years! Sure, if lines are busy or you call after hours, you’ll get voice mail, but we WILL call you back. We don’t employ an elaborate call-routing system that seems intentionally designed to prevent you from actually talking to someone.

When you become one of our customers, we assign you a living, breathing account representative. This individual aims to simplify your life when buying replacement toner, printers, office supplies and equipment or helping you set up managed print services.

Even though we are all about personal service, if you prefer to browse our catalog and order online, we’ve got you covered. Just remember, we’re only a phone call away.

Customer Service Rep answering a customer call.

Making a Difference for Employees and Customers

Employee owners monthly meeting.

Two other things about Coast to Coast set us apart from the competition. First, we are a second chance company, giving qualified individuals with a past dependency problem or criminal record a second chance to build a better life. How does this help you as a customer? Because our employees are tenaciously loyal to the company and, more importantly, tenaciously loyal to their customers, delivering excellent service every time.

Second, we are a 100% employee-owned company. All eligible full-time employees are enrolled in our ESOP on their first day on the job, and their ownership goes a long way to secure their financial future. Again, the question is, how does this benefit the customer? Because each employee is literally invested in the company’s success, they are especially attuned to exceeding customer expectations, helping secure their future.

All of these unique characteristics of Coast to Coast create an environment of:

  • Loyalty: To each other and the client
  • Longevity: Many employees stay for their entire career because they love what they do
  • Livelihood: Provide for their needs today and in retirement

See the Difference for Yourself

Now that you’ve learned a little about us, let us get to know more about you. Whether you need premium toner, computer hardware, printers, managed print services…, or even pens or paper clips… you’ll find our quality and pricing top-notch and our service exceptional.

Call (800) 223-8890 or contact us online. We look forward to learning about you and meeting your needs. Or, if you’re looking for an amazing place to work, visit our Career Center.


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