Coast to Coast is a Second Chance Company

Coast to Coast Computer Products founder and Chairman Rick Roussin knows firsthand the value of a second chance – or a third, or fourth. Through determination and the support of a 12-step program, Rick got his second chance and, in 1985, started his business from his bedroom. From the outset, he knew he would build something different, a second chance company with a pay structure and work environment that employees wouldn’t want to leave.

The result of this determination to do well for his employees has created a positive, empowering environment that can be characterized by three words; loyalty, longevity, and livelihood.

What is a Second Chance Company?

Second Chance companies actively seek out and hire qualified individuals who may have prior dependency issues or criminal records. And, it’s much more than an altruistic concept; many of these potential employees have the skill sets, talents, and education that companies need today.

When people ask Rick about the risk of hiring people who are in recovery or who may have criminal records, he quickly points out that every hire carries some risk. Even a person with an impeccable resume may be a bad fit for a particular company.

However, giving qualified people a second chance to channel their talents in a positive direction in a work environment that provides opportunities for growth and support, more often than not, results in a highly loyal employee who is appreciative of the second chance they’ve been given. For example, 8 of the top 20 salespeople still actively participate in recovery programs.

Picture showing a variety of second chance chips.

Coast to Coast’s Second Chance Model

12 Step Meeting Room Setup

One key to the success that Coast to Coast enjoys is the mutual support among employees. Everyone looks out for one another; readily sharing tips on personal growth, business success and lending support on difficult days. The company embodies the concept that a person succeeds only by helping others succeed.

The company bolsters interpersonal support with a voluntary weekly 12-step meeting. Here again, Coast to Coast differs from the norm because the traditional anonymity of these programs disappears since all participants are employees and know each other. As a measure of this approach’s effectiveness, the company recently celebrated a collective 595 years of sobriety among its employees.

Employees are exceptionally well compensated, which lifts them up, enables them to live a comfortable life and makes them want to stay with Coast to Coast — and serve their personal customers — for the duration.

The benefit package is another reason employees like to work here, as is the opportunity for personal growth and development. The goal is straightforward: regardless of how long an individual works at Coast to Coast, they leave as a better person than when they started.

A Great Place to Work for Anyone – Second Chance or First

Loyalty, longevity, and livelihood – these three words summarize the opportunity Coast to Coast offers its employees. You provide a good attitude and a burning desire to succeed and we will train you to earn a substantial livelihood for years to come in an environment that fosters loyalty throughout the organization.

So, whether you seek a second chance or your first one, we invite you to explore the career opportunities with Coast to Coast and start securing your future today. And if you’re interested in doing business with a company full of motivated, helpful and friendly people, contact us online or give us a call at (800) 223-8890.


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