Diane Henriquez is a Difference Maker in the Office Technology Industry

Diane Henriquez

The Office Receptionist at Coast to Coast Computer Products Inc., Diane Henriquez was named as one of ENX’s Difference Makers of 2022. The 2022 issue of ENX Magazine’s Difference Makers celebrates 63 loyal veterans in the office equipment industry who have made significant contributions to their current employers in a post-Covid world. Diane made this year’s honorary list for her positive attitude and unyielding commitment to the industry for over three decades.

While Diane Henriquez has served in different departments at Coast to Coast, it is her position as the office receptionist that has caught the eye of many. She has been the first point of contact for Coast to Coast and the familiar, friendly voice on the other end of the line for 30 years.

The Technology Sales Manager at Coast to Coast Computer Products, Melissa Servatdjoo had this to say about Diane “I’ve always looked up to Diane, confided in her, and respected her advice. She takes care of all of us here and is loved by all. She deserves all the praise she receives and more.”  Diane made the list of ENX Magazine’s Difference Makers of 2022 and you can read more on why Diane Henriquez is a difference maker here.

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