The Importance of Customer Relationships

Rick Roussin interview

Jack Sweeney is the interviewer of the Middle Market Thought Leader, a podcast that interviews middle market business leaders about how they grow their businesses. On this episode, Sweeney interviews the CEO of Coast to Coast Computer Products, Rick Roussin, on the founding principles of his company and the importance of customer relationships to Coast to Coast’s growth over the years.

In his interview, Roussin reveals his business philosophies and the backstory of Coast to Coast Computer Products. He also explains that putting customer relationships first and building an employee-friendly culture have been the bedrock of his company’s success for its 30-year history.

According to Rick, “Once you obtain a customer, give him a great price, and fantastic service, he has no reason to go anywhere else. Rick believes that it is the personal relationship that Coast to Coast has with their customers that gives them the edge over their competitors. You can listen to Rick’s full interview with Jack Sweeney on the importance of customer relationships here.

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