Razer Inc. Installs LG Display Screens for Gamers

Razer Inc. global AV project

Razer Inc., one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands for gamers partnered with LG Electronics for the Razer Inc. global AV upgrade project. The goal of the project was to improve the digital signage, aesthetics, and gamer-end experience in Razer’s flagship stores by installing advanced LG display screens for gamers.

Working with Coast to Coast computer products on the global AV project, Razer Inc. installed two 1×6 video wall galleries and stand-alone 55- inch LV35LVA displays in its Irvine office to communicate key information to its employees, business partners, and customers. The coast to Coast team also installed 16 ultra-thin bezel 55-inch LG display screens in the Razer Inc. San Francisco store to create a 4×4 video wall for gamers to enjoy.

The newly-installed LG display screens for gamers allows Razer Inc. to promote its content to partners, pass information to employees, and provide an unmatched gaming experience for customers in its high-profile stores. To learn more about the Razer Inc. global AV project and the LG display screens, read the Razer Inc. x LG case study PDF here.

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