The Gift of a Fresh Restart with Rick Roussin and Dean Niewolny

Roussin and Nielwony on Investor’s Business Daily

In this interview with Investors Business Daily, business executives Rick Roussin and Dean Niewolny talk about second chances and the gift of a fresh restart. Rick Roussin reveals his backstory as an alcoholic who was deemed unemployable, all the way to becoming a business veteran intent on helping others get a second chance at life. According to Rick, “There is always hope for people, no matter how far they have gone.”

For Dean Niewolny, life took him on a different path. The finance industry veteran was at the top of his career but couldn’t help feeling like there was more to life than a corner office. He grabbed a second chance at life and found a new purpose as the Managing Director of Halftime Institute, a non-profit organization that teaches business leaders to help others.

Roussin and Niewolny discussed their transitions to a better life and revealed seven helpful tips for people looking for a gift of a fresh restart as well. You can read Rick and Dean’s interview with Investors Business Daily here to take your chance at a better life like they did.

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