Digital Signage Solutions

Companies, schools, organizations, and institutions extensively use digital displays to present information to employees, students, customers, and visitors. Finding the best digital signage solutions for your needs can seem daunting, given the sheer number of manufacturers and technologies available. Coast to Coast Computer Products has helped hundreds of companies like yours find the best digital signage solutions for their needs, and we can do the same for you.

Digital Signage Applications

The ways people use digital signage include everything from scoreboards at the largest stadiums to an interactive kiosk in a lobby. Other applications include:

  • Menus for food and other service establishments
  • Sports facilities
  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Lobbies
  • Correctional facility control rooms
  • Retail
  • Courthouses
  • Kiosks
  • Public and commercial transportation
Digital Display Menu Board at Dodger Stadium Snack Stand
Digital signage on a sidewalk advertising a clothing sale

Indoors, Outdoors, or Both

The premium manufacturers we represent, Samsung, LG, ViewSonic, and Planar, all make products for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor digital signage requires special protection against water, dust, insects, and other intrusion hazards (typically indicated by an IP00 – IP68 ingress protection rating). An outdoor digital display in a sports venue also typically requires impact protection to prevent damage from balls and flying equipment.

Indoor digital displays don’t need special weatherproofing and can meet client and user needs with normal levels of impact resistance. However, screen brightness becomes important in window-facing applications and areas subject to direct sunlight. These situations require high-bright displays so people can read the information regardless of the natural lighting. High-brightness displays use the term “nits” to indicate brightness. Typical indoor displays start at 800 nits, with 2,500 nits typical for window-facing applications. Samsung and LG both offer excellent solutions for window-facing and high-bright requirements.

Interactive Requirements

Standalone information kiosks, educational installations, and “You are here” retail displays often require touch sensitivity to support interaction. Or, they may need a keyboard to search for information, such as a building directory showing companies, offices, and courtrooms. We’ve had excellent results for interactive applications with products from LG and ViewSonic.

Display Configurations

Think about all the digital signage configurations you see daily. Single displays in a shop window, a bank of displays in the airport, digital walls in retail operations, oversized individual displays scattered throughout a facility, and professional televisions in sports bars. Regardless of the application, we’ve helped clients meet everyday and unique needs.

For example, we provided correctional facility control rooms with 30’ wide by 20’ tall banks of 55” LG LED monitors. Each display presents different views and information feeds, enabling the staff to control a complex operation.

We’ve also provided the State of Alabama’s court system with 75” Samsung OLED displays in every courthouse. These displays present a range of hearing and docket information, guiding users of the legal system to the correct meeting and hearing rooms.

Video wall made up of dozens of video displays

Digital Display Technology

Digital signage can use any one of four display technologies, including LCD, LED, Direct-View LED, OLED, and other permutations that manufacturers develop to capture a competitive advantage. Coast to Coast will help you navigate this alphabet soup to give you the best digital signage solution.

We Can Help with Your Digital Signage Needs

With hundreds of successful projects using thousands of monitors, it’s tough to know what’s right for you. Coast to Coast has helped clients find the best digital signage solutions for about every imaginable application. Let’s talk if you’re looking to solve a digital signage need for your organization. And, believing in proving performance prior to the sale, we offer a no-cost demonstration option, allowing you to see the solution in action.

For more details on how we can help your organization, contact one of our industry experts by phone at (800) 223-8890 or through our online contact form.


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