Warehouse, Shipping, and POS Equipment and Supplies

No matter how large or small, practically every organization needs warehouse, shipping, and point of sale (POS) equipment and supplies. Coast to Coast Computer Products have everything you need, from handheld scanners enabling your administrative staff to log in deliveries to sophisticated label printers and handheld computers to sophisticated intercom solutions.


Barcodes and QR codes significantly improved the efficiency of warehouse operations, including shipping, receiving, inventory management, and asset tagging and tracking. Machine-scannable labels replace handwritten and manual data entry, eliminating errors and improving data reliability and accuracy.

But none of this matters if your scanner fails, mis-reads data, operates too slowly, or is too small. That’s why we offer a wide range of Warehouse, Shipping & POS scanners for every organization’s size and specialty. Our scanning experts will help to ensure you get the right equipment for your specific needs.

Handheld Scanners and Wearable Computers

With an affordable handheld scanner, employees in warehouse and shipping areas can capture a wealth of data with a single click…or no click at all. We offer high-quality, affordable scanners capable of reading bar and QR codes and near-field communication scanners to read (NFC) tags and labels. We offer excellent handheld products from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Wasp, Trimble, Unitech, and Cipherlab. Let us help you select the right handheld scanner for your application.

Handheld and wearable computers are another common piece of warehouse, shipping, and POS equipment. We’ve all seen these used by parcel delivery companies, fast food employees, utility workers, rental car staff, and more. These are single-purpose devices engineered and programmed to perform specific tasks. For example, in a warehouse, workers use them to log shipments directly to the inventory database. For another example, employees record customers picking up and returning vehicles at a rental car operation, process payments on the spot, and print receipts.

We sell and support handheld and wearable computers from Zebra, Janam, Honeywell, Datalogic, Cipherlab, and Wasp.

Picture of employee using a handheld computer.

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Labels have an Achilles heel: they are vulnerable to damage. So, particular care is needed to print labels on media capable of withstanding the rigors of warehousing and shipping. That’s where specialized thermal printers and label stock enter the picture.

We offer the two leading thermal printing technologies, direct thermal and thermal transfer. Since each has its strengths and weaknesses, we work with clients to understand their applications and help them select the best technology. We offer the industry’s leading thermal printers from Zebra, Honeywell, Wasp, and Sato.

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Next, we work to select the perfect label stock. Standard label stock fills the bill in most cases, but unusual situations may require specialty stock. For example, the label may face a harsh environment or need to be affixed to unusual surfaces, requiring specialty adhesives or materials resistant to fading and tearing. Whatever the need and application, we supply label stock from premium manufacturers like Zebra, Dasco, and Peak Technologies.

Thermal Printer Software

As you’d imagine, sophisticated label printers require equally sophisticated software. These printers typically require proprietary software, and the learning curves can be steep. Rather than leaving our customers to learn by doing, we often coordinate with the printer’s manufacturer to provide setup and configuration guidance. During this training, we are often on the phone, ensuring our clients can get the maximum value from their new printer.

Intercoms and Public Address Systems

Believe it or not, in this day of cellular phones and ubiquitous two-way radios, intercoms and PAs are still part of equipment and supplies for warehouse, shipping, and POS needs. We offer a sophisticated product suite from Valcom and sell complete systems, ceiling fixtures, mixing adapters, and mixer panels. These systems are available as standalone, self-contained communication systems or can be integrated with most modern digital telephone systems.

Equipment and Supplies for Point of Sale Systems

Whether you need equipment and supplies for a POS in your office cafeteria or need to equip a chain of brick-and-mortar retail stores, we can help you with the perfect system. We look at operational requirements like daily transactions, accepted payment methods, print and digital receipts, cash drawer software, inventory integration, and more. We are pleased to offer premium POS systems from HP, Touch Dynamic, Elo, Posiflex, FEC, Tatung, Logic Controls, Advantech, Gvision, Star Micronics and others.

Image of a compact point of sale system in a retail setting.
Service technician working on large printer.


With your dedicated account representative, you are only a call away from getting service support for anything you purchase from Coast to Coast. Our technicians may be able to resolve your printing issue, but if not, we will coordinate with the manufacturer to get you the help you need.

And our service and support don’t end even when the manufacturer no longer services an obsolete piece of equipment. We have contacts with excellent 3rd-party service providers who can fill the gap left when the manufacturer classifies a product as having reached its “End of Life.” Read more about our related Services here.


We invite you to contact your account representative or one of our specialists to learn how Coast to Coast can supply your organization with the best quality, competitively priced warehouse, shipping and POS equipment and supplies. Call (800) 223-8890 or complete our online contact form to learn more.


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