Why Buy Toner from Coast to Coast

Replacement toner cartridges must meet a wide range of customer needs, and the market is awash with thousands of options. So, why buy toner from Coast to Coast Computer Products? What sets us and our toner apart?

What to Expect When You Buy Toner from Coast to Coast

You’ll find working with Coast to Coast refreshingly different. The first difference customers notice is having an account representative. Whenever a customer has a question, needs support, or wants to place or track an order, they’re a single phone call away from help – in the form of a real live person, not some chatbot or automated phone tree.

Next, when you buy toner from Coast to Coast, you can purchase an OEM product or one of our premium alternatives from the Diamond Series and American Patriot Series. These replacement toner cartridges are manufactured to our exacting standards, enabling them to deliver the same or better performance as the OEM equivalent but at a significant cost saving.

Speaking of OEM pricing, our customers are delighted when they discover that our OEM prices are as good or better than what their previous supplier offered. As one of the nation’s largest distributors of OEM toner cartridges, our buying power allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Picture showing the APS Cartridge packaging
Diamond Series Compatible Cartridges ship well-packaged and identified.

Then, there’s our industry-leading 2-year warranty for our Diamond Series and American Patriot Series toner cartridges. No other cartridge on the market comes with a warranty this long. How is a 2-year warranty important to you? It allows you to buy backup cartridges or take advantage of quantity discounts with the confidence that they’ll work even if you don’t get around to using them for up to two years. If, for some reason, they don’t, we’ll ship you a replacement immediately.

Longest warranty, no-hassle claims, excellent quality, and price savings. Seems like a perfect combination for your toner needs.

We Check All the Boxes

When you buy toner from Coast to Coast; you check all the boxes for things customers demand from their replacement toner cartridges. The following table summarizes how our three product lines meet each: the Diamond Series, the American Patriot Series, and OEM.

Product Characteristic Customer Need Diamond Series American Patriot Series OEM
Works with their printer
High page yields
Clean, crisp printing and no leaks
Better or comparable pricing to OEM
Brand Reputation
Industry leader and customer favorite
Environmental Impact
Prefer eco-friendly options
Warranty and Support
Excellent warranty and customer service
I need it fast; 1-2 day delivery
Ink Longevity
Want long shelf life so they can keep extras on hand
Follow ISO industry-recommended manufacturing processes
Picture of two account representatives helping our customers.

Experience the Difference Buying Our Toner Makes

Toner may be toner to some companies, but we see it as an essential part of every business. We’ve assembled an industry-leading team and product lineup you need to experience to appreciate fully. And, recognizing that trying a new supplier can sometimes seem scary, we offer an incredible warranty because we know that there is no better toner on the market than ours.

Still have questions about toner? You can read more on our FAQ page, or better yet, call one of our toner specialists at (800) 223-8890 or through our online contact form.


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