Toner Cartridge Recycling

You see encouraging signs of individuals and organizations taking steps to reduce their environmental impact everywhere you look. Toner Cartridge Recycling offers organizations an additional opportunity to conserve resources, enhance sustainable work practices, and green up their organization.

Toner Cartridge Recycling’s Impact

An estimated 350 million empty toner cartridges enter landfills annually in the United States. With each cartridge weighing over two (2) pounds, that’s a significant burden on landfill capacity and an enormous waste of limited resources, including plastic, steel, aluminum, and copper. So, when these empty cartridges go to a landfill, manufacturers must replace the materials and use more energy to make new products.

Alternatively, recycling toner cartridges separates the various materials and puts the majority back into the resource stream for use by other companies in other products. How much material enters the recycling stream? Other data shows that recycling 1000 toner cartridges recovers 1988 pounds of plastic, 240 pounds of aluminum, 679 pounds of steel, and 5 pounds of copper. And, to add some icing to the cake, using recycled materials requires less energy than manufacturing them from scratch, delivering additional environmental benefits.

Person throwing away a toner cartridge with red slash through image

Can We Make a Difference?

People often feel they do not generate enough empty toner cartridges to make a difference, and that’s not true. All conservation efforts consist of millions of small actions. Think of the impact if each of the millions of business, non-profit, and government organizations recycled just one toner cartridge a year – it would be huge.

So, your toner cartridge recycling efforts can and do make a difference

Is it easy to Recycle Toner Cartridges?

Another complaint we hear is that recycling is complex, and that’s been the case in the past. However, today, you have a simple online solution: just navigate to our recycling webpage, complete the form, and print shipping labels for your empty toner cartridges.

Recycle, Reuse or Remanufacture?

Not all recycled toner cartridges are broken down into their constituent parts. Some lucky ones make it into the remanufacturing process, where these quality cases are cleaned, refurbished, and refilled with new toner. The result is the greenest replacement toner cartridge you can buy, products like our American Patriot Series.

American Patriot Series Toner cartridges help reduce waste


Through the actions of many, we can increase the sustainability of the printing process by recycling empty toner cartridges. And when those cartridges can be remanufactured, the impact increases. If you’d like to talk about toner cartridge recycling, learn about our green American Patriot Series, or discuss other toner needs, call one of our toner specialists at (800) 223-8890 or through our online contact form.


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